Sailor Lauren Topchik for RogueWear. Maine, 2020.

Fishing boat off the coast of California, 2020.

Fog settles over beachgoers in Rye, NH. 2020.

Portrait of Emilie in Maine, 2020.

Climber Mackenzie McGrath in Vail, Colorado. 2019

Elephants graze after a storm. Tanzania, 2019.

Giraffe family stops for a look, Tanzania, 2019. 

Elephant passes through Grumeti reserve during a storm. Tanzania, 2019.

Sunset over Portland, Maine. 2020.

Hiker explores Joshua Tree National Park. CA, 2020.
Musician Chris Miller for Encino Supply Co. Los Angeles, 2020.
UNH Student Advocacy group leads a discussion and march for Black Lives Matter. Durham, NH, 2020. 
(Shot as volunteer on behalf of group leader Nelson Thomas. Faces shown with explicit permission and notification).

Talent prepares for a take on set. Los Angeles, 2020.

Director Pat Hall of Stept Studios assisting with a product shot. Los Angeles, 2020.

Sign promoting social distancing in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire during the COVID-19 Shutdown in March of 2020.

Helicopter passes through Waimea Canyon on Kauai, 2018.

Surfers in Maui, Hawaii. 2019.

Grandpa Bill. Santa Monica, CA. 2020.

Barcelona, 2018.

Sailor fixes a line on Portland Harbor, 2018.

Casco Bay, 2020.

Casco Bay, 2020.

Masaai warrior making a fire in Tanzania, 2019.

Director of Photography Nico Aguilar inspects light on set. Los Angeles, 2020.

Sunset in Kauai, 2019.

Climber Sarah Berman practices in Breckenridge, Colorado. 2019.

Product shoot for RogueWear, Maine, 2020.

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