This short piece honors and celebrates the Class of 2020 from the University of New Hampshire, and our unfortunate loss of our final semester and subsequent graduation celebrations due to COVID-19. 'Sincerely #UNH20' was featured in UNH's Commencement Media Package on May 16 in recognition of our intended graduation date. The goal of the piece was to honor my fellow classmates and truly recognize what a deep connection we have to the University, and the people we've met here. With this deep love for our school comes a deep sense of loss not finding the closure we so deserved and were looking forward to, and it is the hope that this video, featuring the voices of hundreds of '20 students, does justice to our incredible seniors and their legacy.
Concepted, Shot, Directed, and Edited by Anna Wilder Burns
Additional Footage courtesy of UNH 
Narrated by the University of New Hampshire Class of 2020.
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