A story of journey rather than destination, ’Sailing Cita’ features young sailors Lauren Topchik and Teagan Tanner as they pursue a life of adventure by sail. Maine natives, local launch drivers, and best friends, the women found their love for the water from an early age, quickly becoming sailing partners with the same goal - to sail around the world after graduating from college. There was only one problem - they didn’t have a boat. Their distant dream became a reality when a complete stranger overheard them dreaming up routes and gifted them fixer-upper sailboat ‘Cita’. Ever since, they have lived aboard and spent their time lapping the coast of Maine to gain experience for their future voyage. By taking on this journey, the women hope to inspire other young people to pursue their unique dreams, no matter how far they may roam from expectations.
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Anna Wilder Burns
Original Score: Christopher Miller
Sponsored by Rogue Life Maine and Salt Shaker Jewelry Co.
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