'Life For My Family' provides an intimate look into the life of Mackenzie McGrath and her path to understanding personal wellness, after losing her brother to cancer. Mackenzie is a climber, alpinist & all around incredible individual who followed in her brothers footsteps throughout her entire life. They shared passion for climbing, outdoor preservation and activism fueling journeys around the world. In 2015 Taurin McGrath, Mackenzie's beloved brother passed away from esophageal cancer. Fueled by the memory of her brother, their shared friendship and a detailed journal he left behind, Mackenzie has spent the last few years visiting some of the worlds most beautiful locations, mountain peaks and places visited by Taurin to spread his ashes and continue their adventures together. Since her brothers death, Mackenzie has become the Program Director at “First Descents”, a non-profit organization focusing on taking cancer fighters and survivors into the outdoors to experience climbing, kayaking and other adventure driven activities. Mackenzie’s ability to help others experience what Taurin couldn’t is a profound way to connect and continue his legacy through her extraordinary life.
Directors: Jenny Nichols and James Coleman
DP: Amanda Sosnowski
2nd Unit DP / Drone Op: Anna Wilder Burns
Climbing DP: Thomas Woodson
Editors: Shelley Davis and Jenny Nichols
GFX: Shelley Davis
Producers: Sarah Berman and Gabriel Vasquez-Billin
Directed, Shot, Edited by Anna Wilder Burns
Additional Cinematography: Thomas Woodson, Amanda Sosnowski, Adam Benton
Animation: Shelley Davis
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